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This is where my love for homes began

Ever since I was a kid, I had this romantic notion of rebuilding an old house.  There is really not a point in showing these photos.  This is not a showcase of skills or anything like that, only to emphasize my love for homes.

The last photos are from some of the developments I worked on as a project manager in the construction industry.  I worked for CBL, one of the largest retail developers in the country. 

This was the house shortly after I bought it.  It had been in need of a new roof for several decades and had major termite damage.  The bank  and the city wanted it torn down.

Kitchen - We went somewhere else for Thanksgiving that year


 Living Room - We named the decorating style "Italian Country"


Demo, months of demo!


Finished (years later)


Living Room




Master bath



I made the built-in cabinets from a hickory tree that had to be cut down in the yard.  I love the smell of hickory but boy is it hard to work with!

Pearland Town Center, Houston Texas


Gulf Coast Town Center in Ft. Myers FL

 Alamance Crossing in Burlington NC  

The Wharf in Orange Beach, AL